Each of the handmade doll clothes, for 11.5 inch dolls like Barbie, on this site are one-of-a-kind. Thank you for looking!

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Barbie® Coat 5785-B
Barbie® Coat 5785-B

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We offer handmade doll clothes for 11.5 inch dolls like Barbie.  We have some exciting new designs!


I started making clothes for 11.5 inch dolls like Barbie over 30 years ago.  It started when I wanted to design clothes.  I have always loved designing fashions and I love glamour dolls like Barbie dolls.  So putting the two together was just natural.  Seeing my designs come to life, even on a small scale, is exciting to me.


Some of the doll clothes for 11.5 inch dolls like Barbie I made from patterns I purchased.  Some of the doll clothes for 11.5 inch dolls like Barbie I made from patterns I purchased, and then altered the pattern to my liking.  Most of the designs are my own, which means I thought of the design then I sketched the design and from there I created the pattern from scratch.  Along the way I altered these a lot too. 


Each of the outfits on this site are one-of-a-kind.  You can only order 1 of each outfit because I only make 1 of each outfit.  Once in a while I may remake an outfit, but it will never be exactly the same as the first time I made it.



Little Bear's Sewingroom

Whether I purchased the pattern or made my own design I handmade each one of these doll clothes for 11.5 inch dolls like Barbie myself!!




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Ken Tuxedo 7362-8A
Ken Tuxedo 7362-8A

Barbie Evening Dress 4413
Barbie Evening Dress 4413

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